APD Communications Social Golf Club

The APD Social Golf Club originally started in 1929 when some employees of the Richard Hughes can company arranged some games of golf which led to the  forming of a social club which played  regular games including competitions. This was called the Richard Hughes Company Social Golf Club.

This remained until a merger with the J. Gadsden company, in the 1950’s, and the club became known as the Gadsden-Hughes Social Golf Club.

After a brief stoppage in the 1960’s the club restarted in the 1970’s as the J. Gadsden Social Golf Club. In the mid 1990’s the club had its first major outside sponsor in Oberon Management Systems.

In 2010 APD Communications became the major sponsor.

The book ” My Club Our Story” contains all the details and history of the club. For a copy, contact your committee member.