AUBURN (Rosnay)

A damp start with just enough drizzle to make a couple of holes miserable but thankfully not enough to ruin the day. The course was in very good condition and greens terrific with pin placement well back making it difficult for some this being the final round of the putting competition. Three players managed to score a round of 30 putts and unfortunately none having an impact on the championship. The winner of the putting championship managed to fall in by a point. The final of the President Cup was also decided and the leader of that competition ensured he maintained that lead with a very good round getting well into the points. The weather seemed to bring out the best in some with first and second breaking par with 63 and 64 respectfully and third and fourth posting 68 and 69. Well done all. Our next game is our presentation day and instead of the loud shirt day this year we will wear our new club shirt as some have made the comment it is pretty loud anyway.

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