Bardwell Valley

Always a difficult course. Short it may be but it has enough hurdles to make it a testing one as well. Today promised to be much the same as previous encounters due to the early and chilly start. From the first hole to the last putting became extremely difficult and frustrating with the greens slow and rough. After the round we were informed this was in part due to late coring and maintenance but were assured that next year they would back in good condition as coring would be at the usual early time and hope to have a green keeper on board. One who mastered the course with an exceptional 60 was our winner Scott and he obviously putted well coming in second with 34 putts only one behind Ron who had 33 to win the days putting competition. Welcome to Ian who had his first game as a member with his new handicap. I am sure it won’t be long before he will be with the other members praising the astuteness of the handicapper, at least I think that was what they were saying.

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