Heavy dew and furry greens (see photos) made for some of the lowest winning scores at Barnwell Park for some years. Well done Stuart for being the best to handle the conditions and only 2 points behind were the place getters of Ken (on a countback) and Kevin, both with 36 points. It was still a little damp underfoot in some places from all of the recent rain, but generally the course was in good condition (although a lot of long grass clippings tended to stick to the cleats). For some reason, the bunkers seemed to come into play more than previous games (maybe hoping they were out of play?). Our numbers were slightly up but our secretary informs me that to maintain our financial position we need to achieve the goal of having about 16 players per game. Check with the secretary some thoughts and incentives re introducing new members.

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  1. Brian Young says:

    Well done Merv,the pic of me hitting from the tee tells me all I wish to know,after 30 very odd years of golf I can now see why I seldom hit the ball in the correct manner.Soulders are down when they should be up,feet are here when they should be there,body is turning when it should still,apart from these minor errors I think within the next 30 odd years I should be leaning towards perfection.Thanks again Merv.

    • merv says:

      There you are always there to help. Now you won’t have that problem of hitting the ball because you will have too many other things to concentrate on (or you can just forget the lot and enjoy)

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