Barnwell Park

Barnwell Park Mar 2016 034









Although down on numbers due to members either having illness and travelling a small band of desperates gathered to wreak havoc on the course. Unfortunately for most, the course held the upper hand once more with a lot of sad stories of what could have been if only for a little (or lot) of luck going their way.The top three managed to rise above their comrades and posted par breaking scores with Peter winning his first game with the club posting a very respectable 42 points, edging out Tim on 41. Congratulations Peter, more where that came from I hope but watch out for the handicapper. The course was in very good condition with the greens running in close to equal pace throughout. The game was one of the fastest rounds we have had for quite some time with all groups averaging three hours yet no one was rushing their play. What a difference when there is no hold ups with slow play.

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