Georges River

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What a fantastic day for a round of golf. Rain threatened early but eventually cleared for a warm to slightly muggy day. However, due to the amount of wet weather in the week leading up to the game, it was slightly wet under foot (see photos) and hiring of carts proved to be a wise move with some of those who walked the course tiring from pulling the buggy. It was a game of two parts, one getting to the green and the other on the green. The conditions made it difficult to post good scores with the ball in most instances stopping where it landed adding more strokes than anticipated to the score and as always when the bunkers are out of play, no one lands in them. The mud runners came to the fore with the winner Kev posting a very good 73 just edging out Merv on 74. Once on the green though, the putting was surprisingly good as evidenced by the winners score of 28 putts closely followed by the runner up on 29. Well done Tim and Michael.

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