A fantastic day for a game of golf. The course was in the best shape for some time with the greens in very good condition and most fairways green and grassy. Unfortunately after more than forty years of patronizing this venue we may have to rethink the viability of continuing to play here. The recent increase in the fees for the course not only exceeded our recent increase in costs, it also puts it to a level where it is not competitive in relation to other similar courses that are better value or alternatively to better courses for the same money. Courses complain of losing members and the need to make money, but too often the knee jerk reaction is to raise fees which ultimately loses more golfers, so do not be surprised if this course in no longer on our calendar after our next meeting. It is disappointing as we have had many a good time from the early days (when it was called Riverwood) of playing fairways that were more clay than grass, of queing to get barbeques after the games, through its various changes to the present. It is what it is and we move on to our next game. See you there.

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