What a difference of form within a month.Last game very few adjustments to handicaps were made but this time over half the field. Was it because it was the final round of the Stableford Championship or the fine sunny day that reminded all of the warm weather soon to come. Surely it could not have been the course as it invariably plays to high scoring but not today. Congratulations to Merv who came in with a respectable 39 to win the day. Unfortunately for him, he now meets his immediate challengers for the Stroke Championship final next month in a slightly worse position due to a reduction in his handicap (Is that cheering I hear).  The final placings have now been reshuffled as the leaders in the Stableford Competition had a disappointing round with some undoubtedly being surprised where they finished.


Marrickville 2015 003 Marrickville 2015 004 Marrickville 2015 006 Marrickville 2015 008 Marrickville 2015 010 Marrickville 2015 012

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