Massey Park




Massey Park 2014 008

It has been some years since we last played Massey Park and we were greeted with a very wet ground due to some torrential rain in the preceding days leaving a few lakes on a couple of fairways. Despite a couple of early light showers that threatened a wet round, it eventually turned into a glorious day for golf. A good Fathers Day present for those that turned out. Although proving difficult for some it did not appear to have any effect on the winner and runner up with both coming in with a very respectable 37 points. Well done Don and Rob. Well done also to our sharpshooter Tim who managed to get the eagles nest on the par 3 sixth hole. This being the “marquee” game, it did not have any effect on our championship (other than the President’s cup) and was changed to stableford due to the conditions. The final of the stroke/putt championship games is our next game which is at Hurstville in October. Good putting and see you all there.


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