Course Reviews

This page is for members review/s of courses they have played whilst away and/or courses played that are not part of APD Communications or affiliated clubs playing schedule.

July 2015

Twin Waters Golf Course (Qld)


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Hi All, had an invite to play the Twin Waters golf course and of course couldn’t refuse. Course was in excellent condition with friendly locals at some of the holes just lounging around as it was a mild overcast day with nothing to do but enjoy the golf. If it hadn’t been for some wayward putts, I am sure I would have posted a very respectable score. That being said, (it was early when we teed off and dew was still on the greens) the course reminded me in a lot of respects like Nelson Bay with the dense timber on one side, friendly wild life and undulating fairways. Hook or slice would put you in trouble either in water or timber (which was unplayable as it usually was on the bank of a creek). Just a couple of holes where you had to tee across water with the longest being about 160 metre carry. Greens were not overly large but did have some unwary breaks. All in all, not a bad course for the price although we did use carts. Dimensions 6183 mtr (5835 mtr social) Par 72. Difficult if you are not accurate. Would definitely play there again and knowing the course is an advantage.

Katherine Golf Course (N.T.)

Hey Merv and everyone else, had a hit around Katherine golf course this morning. The golf was not so good (a bit rusty). Great little nine holes with two sets of tees as RAE but not so much a difference in shots to be played. Still the company was great and the golf was (how do I say this nicely) SH1T. Had to stand in front of the heater all morning, only got to 26 degrees but all the locals turned up with heir jackets and jumpers on complaining how cold it was. All in all an enjoyable day so if anyone is this way do drop in for q hit as this truly is a progressive club. They have even gone to the trouble of buying the rights to a drought tolerant grass which there have 2 acres growing at this time which is due to be transferred to their fairways to complement that which is already there. Greens are also drought tolerant so do not expect grass as per Sydney golf courses but very playable once you get used to them.
Hope you all enjoy your next game and the weather is not to cold. Will give you another report from the next place I happen to play.
Regards Kevin