Articles of Conception (Constitution) FRONT PAGE


The APD Communications Social Golf Club (hereafter referred to as the club) is a non-profit making organization formed to provide affordable games of golf at various courses for its members. It is designed to provide social golf activities for its members and other competitions as determined by the club’s committee. The Royal and Ancient rules of golf are observed as well as any local rules and handicapping determined by the committee or club captain that enables all members an equal opportunity to participate and potentially win any or all the competitions. These local rules and handicapping conditions are implemented to encourage social entertainment amongst the players as well as some serious competition. All disputes or disagreements regarding the presentation of golf card, points scoring of competitions, etc. are referred to the club captain and/or committee for a ruling/s.




All monies raised by the club are returned to the members in various ways. Examples include prizes for each game, bar-b-ques, trophies, (including hole-in-one) and subsidies for apparel as well as other methods as determined by the committee. Members cannot make claim to any monies held by the club at any time. Money paid to the club becomes the property of the club to provide operating costs for future events (prizes, booking fees, trophies, etc.).




Membership is open and available to all current employees of J. Gadsden (currently trading as Visy), Oberon Management (prior sponsor), APD Communications, (current nominated sponsor), retired or previous employees of same, employee family/friends, suppliers and customers of previously mentioned group.



Rules of the club as well as membership fees and charges are included in our Articles of Association (Constitution). The majority of the committee approves interim changes to these articles as required. Permanent changes are determined at the Annual General Meeting.







DATED   9th March 2014