The bunnies were back on the course and I am not talking about those who were chasing the white (or coloured) ball. Maybe the little furry ones have been in hiding during the cool months. It would seem that many of the combatants form has also gone into hiding as the scores were (for want […] Read more »

Massey Park

A beautiful day but a hard day at the office for all those who turned out to play. Some of the fairways were still wet and/or boggy from all the recent rain so not a lot of run and for a change we were off the back markers. The greens were very good but difficult […] Read more »


A very wet day underfoot courtesy of bucket loads of rain leading up to our game. However we were blessed with a warm and sunny winters day. Just as well too, because it proved very difficult to post good scores as points were hard to come by. Well done to our winner Scott who through […] Read more »

Bardwell Valley

The weather although a little cool was kinder than last month to the intrepid few who turned out for the latest battle for the stroke and  putt championships. The course as usual played tough and still had some boggy parts. Putting was difficult with most finding it hard to come to terms with wet then […] Read more »

Georges River

What looked like being a rainy miserable day turned into a glorious autumn day and with the rain gone by tee off all present looked forward to an enjoyable day of golf. Once again our numbers were down due illness and we wish them a speedy recovery. Others were also probably of the view that […] Read more »

Barnwell Park

                Although down on numbers due to members either having illness and travelling a small band of desperates gathered to wreak havoc on the course. Unfortunately for most, the course held the upper hand once more with a lot of sad stories of what could have been if only […] Read more »


                  A warm day predicted and despite losing a few members because of no carts being available, good turnout for the first stroke and putt game nonetheless with 14 intrepid souls ready to do battle and show improvement from their first game of the season. Unusually for […] Read more »

Fox Hills

              Welcome to our first game of 2016. All relaxed from the festive cheer and many anticipated good scores from a course that had not graced our calendar for nearly 20 years. It was a promising turnout with seventeen  players all eager to attack the course. Sadly it was […] Read more »


Digital Camera

A good turnout of golfers to attend the presentation of awards to our competition champions for 2015. Congratulations to our champion of champions for the year. After being so close for a number of seasons, this year our illustrious secretary finally prevailed to snatch the trophy on the final round from the two other contenders […] Read more »