Rosnay (Auburn)

The final championship points game for the year became an anti-climax when the leader going into the round was gifted the prize due to the only challenger close enough in points to be able to take the crown being unable to play due to other commitments. As it was, it was a topsy turvy day with the champion falling apart reaching the greens and most having difficulty with the greens bringing in an average mid thirties. It may have been due to the front 9 being slower than the back  or just an off day. One who had no problems in mastering the course was the winner who came in with a magnificent 6 under 63.  He not only tamed the course on the day but blew his rivals away with 5 strokes to the second placegetter.Well done Mark. Our next game is the Presentation Day final for the year and fun event so just a reminder if you have an outstanding voucher now is the time to use it.

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