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Rent / Lease


APD Communications is a professional telecommunications company offering Traditional Leasing and Renting on your phone systems and equipment. There are a number of reasons to Lease new or Re-Furbished equipment from APD Communications rather than paying cash.  You can preserve cash, protect credit lines, and gain some tax benefits and more.  Leasing equipment may give Small to Mid Size businesses flexibility as they grown their companies. 

Systems from $10.00 per week 

There are a number of Lease or Rental options

  • Fair Market Value allows you to return the equipment at the end of the term or purchase the equipment for “Fair Market Value” this amount may change.
  • Renting the equipment allows a company to move into new technology without penalty- meaning when technology changes you may move to a new system and start over, tear up the old agreement and start over with no rollover, no hidden cost, and no waiting period. Also, it is a true off-balance sheet financing and tax deductible.

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At APD Communications our qualified sales staff can tailor a system to fit your budgetary needs CONTACT US NOW to get a custom quote on a system to suit YOUR needs.