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Hybrex G1E System & DK6 Handset

New Product Release : G1E System and DK6 Handset

  • Auto Telecom is proud to announce the release of the new G1E system.
  • The G1E system basic configuration is :
    4 PSTN lines, 8 Digital ports and 4 Analogue ports.
  • The Analogue ports provide Caller ID to extensions and 90VDC Message Wait signals (compatible handsets required to use).
  • Standard on board is PSTN Caller ID, 4 Port Auto Attendant, 2 Minute MOH recording, and RGU.
  • The G1E can support a maximum of 28 stations in various configurations. These maximum configurations are:
    24 Digital extensions with 4 Analogue, or 20 Analogue with 8 Digital.
  • The system supports 8 standard trunk lines or 6 VOIP trunk lines or 12 ISDN lines. Line cards can be mixed (two line card positions available).
  • Special features of the G1E include :
    • Onboard 4 channel Auto Attendant.
    • Caller ID for all trunks.
    • User Recordable 2 minute MOH message for built in advertising.
  • Optional is a 128Mb Voice mail card which gives 8 hours of mailbox time which can be shared between users to suit different applications. This Voice Mail unit also increases the Auto Attendant to 6 channels.
  • The G1E has been designed with the DK6 as its primary phone but it also supports all the existing Hybrex range of digital phones if required without any special programming needed.

  • Future developments for the G1E include an IP extension card which is being developed for G1E and GDS. VOIP trunk cards with higher capacity and the VMU4 are also being developed for G1E and GDS which will give high level Voice Mail features and Unified Messaging.

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